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duration 1hours 50 M

genre Drama

Writed by Warren Skaaren

directed by Tony Scott


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This film is to boys what Dirty Dancing is to girls: the number one adolescence film of all time. The romance and the action in this film are both pretty lame – but there’s something about it that moves it from the grotesquely inane to the absurdly interesting. I for one love to see the dogfights despite the enormous amount of factual errors that occur at every single turn. As for the romance between the two main characters, well. it’s not that bad, really. Just some lines that feel tremendously corny and some bad acting here and there.
I just have one question: how come the F-14s, when they get hit, just lose an engine or experience lighter stability problems, while the little boogeys are blown to smithereens.

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I’ve watched Top Gun five of six times and no matter what I just can’t remember this movie! It’s not that it’s bad. It’s not that it’s boring. It’s just plain forgettable.
Somewhere there flies a plain, somewhere there’s Tom Berenger, Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, a guy with no hair, a bar scene and somewhere someone dies. That’s all I remember. Nothing worth telling about.
Watch Hot Shots instead. The spoof is better than the proof of the pudding. This movie is a time-passer. Something to do when you’re bored. There are better Tom Cruise movies out there.

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